Beauty is just a Perception



Every summer, most of us focus our efforts on trying to lose pounds so that we can fit and look good in that bikini.


This summer why not ditch the scales and pursue mental leanness as oppose to physical perfection.


In this day and age, there is far too much emphasizing on body image.

It’s time for an entirely new approach to body image through mental wellness.


Getting your Mind into shape and everything else will follow!


The Mind is an amazing and a powerful part of the human body.

Your thoughts create your destiny and happiness.

Being “Mind Confident” is the key to inner happiness and having a healthy Mind is the key to building a positive view of our body at any size or shape!


Start, this summer, and develop a new relationship with your Mind with the following tips:


Detox the Mind: 


This summer make plenty of quiet time to reflect on a daily basis, and detoxify your thoughts.

Write down all your negatives on a piece of paper and a separate paper for your list of positives in big letters!

After you have done that scribble a big cross over the negative list and then tear it up in pieces and dump in the bin. This is symbolizing good riddance and goodbye to your negative thoughts!  Stick the positive list on your fridge door, anywhere where you can remind yourself, to start each new day. Ensure you get plenty of sleep and your Mind is fully rested, everyday.


Exercise the Mind:


If you don’t use it you’ll lose it! We have all heard of the old cliché. This summer, subject your Mind to many new stimuli. Anything that is new that stimulates the brain, at the same time a pleasure for you to do.

From learning a new language, playing chess, play a new instrument, singing, and reading books etc

Listening to instrumental music engages the right brain. When you introduce lyrics, the left brain becomes involved.


Feed the Mind: 


Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs nourishment.  The foods you eat directly affects the performance of your brain. This summer, ensure you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Include plenty of protein. Proteins are essential to make neurotransmitters. Try to balance your glucose level by eating complex carbohydrates every 2-3 hours, in small portions. Omega-3 fats are also great for the brain!

Last but not least drink plenty of water a day to keep your brain well hydrated.


A healthy Mind means a healthy Body!




Courtesy of City Diners Coffee Club – Personal Development.